Habitus Large Fan (2014) Machine embroidered lace

Habitus Large Fan (2014) Machine embroidered lace

My background

In 1994, I completed a Masters in the Textiles Workshop at the Australian National University’s School of Art, Canberra. Since then I have continued to lecture there sporadically. I completed a PhD in the art history department at ANU and established an academic career in museum studies. In 2010 I slowly returned to exhibiting and picked up the threads of my arts practice in order to pursue a long held aim: to be chosen to exhibit in the Powerhouse International Lace Award.  I was successful.

In recent years ...

More recently, I have been exploring machine-embroidered lace and continue to build up a vocabulary, both visually and technically. My work has centered on narrative and I use embroidery as a metaphor for storytelling: embellishing, decorating, stitching over and unpicking details of stories. 



In 2015 and 2017, I took a journeys throughout Italy and Spain specifically devoted to the examination of lace and textiles in order to come to a greater understanding of the textile crafts. The insights gained were precipitous in new thinking about lace as a craft, concept and medium for ideas. I spent an intensive time in and out of museum collections, travelling with traditional lacemakers and meeting Italian lacemakers as cupboard after cupboard, drawer after drawer were opened and discussions ensued. Seeing the contrast between contemporary lace designs, ranging from the 1920s through to the 1960s compared to what practitioners are make now the paralysis or death of lace was apparent. 

Returning to the studio...

Earlier in 2016 I returned to the studio full-time and have been excited by the development of making a stronger connection to lace and lace-like structures as well as the meaning of lace. The fragility of lace, physically and culturally, has come to the fore in my work. My work with lace has not developed in a linear fashion, but rather I constantly return to earlier imagery or techniques to re-examine issues, reweaving techniques, imagery and concepts.