Spring on its way

Today has been a glorious day in the garden and it felt like time to have a look around to see what is happening. I had a go at drawing with just a white chalk on black paper. Many of the design for lace in Italy that I saw last year were drawn in this way. The white lines formed the design for the lace. While my drawings are much heavier that fine lace lines they still have the potential for textiles. 

Beginning some new work

This week has been busy both in and out of the studio. Artist Julie Ryder and I spoke at Belconnen Art Centre about my work to a group of artists.I also met up with a group of artists I met at a Ruth Hadlow workshop.

On the previous week end I began some new work towards an exhibition for 2017. I had drawn this up and had it up on the wall of my studio for some weeks. I made some samples which were a little disappointing. They were experimental. I had a go and strait machine embroidery rather than working on soluble fabric - i.e. making lace. I work on one of the images that is the header for this blog - reflected water. The colours were a little bright. so I chose another image and this was little too dark. I then swapped to making it in lace. This seemed toward well except the threads kept breaking as they generally do using this technique. 

I bit the bullet and began the large piece in the way that I generally work - on soluble fabric. It seemed to really work well except that my sewing machine was getting cranky and threads continually broke. So much so that I got my old machine out. It worked a treat for a while, then it started to play up. Anyway it was better than continually breaking threads. Plus I got through a larger area of making lace.

draft of venice biennale waters

draft of venice biennale waters

Juggling five balls in the air

This week in Canberra is Textile Week. I have a small exhibition Shadow of Doubt in the foyer of the Textiles Workshop at the Art School at ANU, work in the exhibition Covet 2 in the Foyer Gallery of the ANU as well as in the three person show Here and There at the Belconnen Arts Centre. So it has been a busy few weeks making, preparing, and hanging art work. 

Beginning new work

I have drawn up some new work but have been a little reticent about beginning. I set up the small exhibition A Shadow of Doubt at ANU, and am packing up work to take to theBelconnen Arts Centre here in Canberra. This exhibition Here and There with Julie Ryder and Barbara Rogers is about thinking about home when you are away. Much of my work was made for the Exhibition Habitus, but it can apply to this theme. I made new work to make up for works that were sold. The exhibition opens 29 April 2016.

I also packed up work to go into an exhibition Covet 2 also to be held at the ANU. This work, Golden Lungs 6,  is part of the body of work Shadow of Doubt. I began this one one as an exploration as a response to the death of my sister from mesothelia in 2006. I wrote of this on my page In The Studio. Golden Lungs 6 also responds to the 1920s shawl my sister owned and I coveted. When I found the shawl amongst my things I saw similarities with the way I was working in my own textiles. 

Returning to the studio

This year I have returned to making on a more regular basis. My paid work has been reduced to 1.5 days. In the process I signed up for an online course 'Building Creative stamina' run by Jane Dunnewold in the US. This was a great program for me to get back into my practice. It really made me think about where I was going. Some really practical advice was given. 

This was followed up by an intensive five days with Australian artist Ruth Hadlow who hails from Tasmania. She often runs these courses on the mainland. There were eight artists who gathered together on the outskirts of Canberra, at an arts community, Strathnairn. This program ended up being about writing. Using writing as a tool, much like you would use drawing. It was used to investigate thought processes. We did do some art making, but a lot of talking and writing. 

This week has been spent preparing for a small solo exhibition in the Textiles Workshop of the Australian National University's Textile Workshop. I briefly taught here earlier this year. As well am exhibiting in another exhibition, Here and There, at the Belconnen Arts centre here in Canberra. This is with two other textile artists, Julie Ryder and Barbara Rogers. 


Venetian waters

While in Venice in June it was hard not to be looking at not only the water, but the reflections as well. I have been thinking about how to translate it into my work and in particular into lace. I bought some Murano glass beads which have given me a way into the colouring. But now it is a matter of drawing and painting; however, I will probably start with making some samples on the machine.