Over the last few weeks I have been stitching on black linen. I have wanted to do this for so long - in fact since I bought a Swedish book 'Yllebroderier' edited by Annhelen Olsson (2010). I bought it in Sweden years ago. It is about a style of colourful folk embroidery stitched onto to very dark fabrics. This year one of the participants in #1yearofstitches2017, @mutuallydeconstructed, started stitching on black and revived my interest in stitching onto black linen.

I began with a small embroidery of two of my grandsons asleep while we visited my dying mother-in-law. The children lay under a spotted quilt cover. It was really difficult but I pursued it. I had marked out the spots but when I embroidered them, or actually I left gaps in the stitching, the spots seemed to have a life of their own.

I had drawn up the embroidery on quite small scale as I didn't know how it would work. It was a little too small for the faces. It seems to be easier to stitch if they are larger.I found this out in my portrait series. I have drafted up a large portrait of the two boys and will stitch that a little later in the year. 

I had a go at drawing an old family spoon. My mother had brought this spoon with her from Tasmania. It is worn the spoon diagonally from stirring. My daughter had brought it home to our house as she may have been thinking of using it as a springboard for artwork. It has always fascinated me, so I made an image of this lovely spoon.

I stitched it in a range of greys, from dark to light. I then drew up a spotted pattern for the background, and added a shadow. The background really enlivened the piece.