Self portraits

I continue to hand stitch each day and post on Instagram daily. I am up to self portrait eight. As I noted in an earlier post, the point of this project was to return to stitching and having something to work on, as well as my other studio work in which I am preparing for an exhibition later in the year. In the self portraits I have been exploring various stitches as well as colour. My machine embroidery tends to be monochromatic - either black or white. 

As well as Instagram, I post weekly to a closed Facebook site, 1 year of stitches: 2017. You can request to join in. I noticed that there are often new participants. It's great to log in each week and post my progress. With over 3000 followers on this site I can see why it is limited to once a week as it would otherwise clog up Facebook feeds. There is a huge variety of stitchers from novices, to people who use commercial patterns, to some really creative stitchers and designers. 

I realise that I will soon run out of space on my piece of linen. I am thinking about what I will do when I get to that point. Either add more linen around this piece like a frame and continue the stitch of self portraits or begin something entirely new. 

I am posting individual portraits here on the blog, as a number of people who are recent followers would like to see the other portraits. I will post the most recent at the top and a whole image which includes the beginnings of the eighth portrait at the bottom.

I have begun reading much more about self-portraits in order to write an article about the process I have been going through. In the most recent image I used a timer to take a photo of myself as I think there are only so many times I can draw myself face on. In my research, most of the artists in historical self portraits use two mirrors to work up their images. I have done this in the past and will post some of that work later.