Working away on lace

I have been drawing up new work, ready to begin embroidering. I had a detour by working on a piece inspired by the Bow River in Calgary, Canada. The piece started as a reasonable size but it was soon apparent that it needed to be larger. Luckily the way I am working at the moment allows for an increase in size. However, the next limitation was the colour of threads I had. While the original size would have been fine for the amount of threads I had in store, the larger one now requires far more. I headed out specifically for the thread and rested temptation to call into a few fabric haunts around town. 

It has been interesting toward from the drawings I made on one of the last few days in calvary rather than from photos. The drawings seem to contain more information - the aspects that really inspired me - the curious little dies and currents that occurred in the river. The small stoney islands challenged the water flow and I drew diagrams of the flow. Back in the studio these are far more interesting and engaging. It seems to have been easy to translate these into textiles, more particularly machine embroidery.