Getting on with the main project

This morning I finished the bulk of the embroidery for this 'hankie'. I have a few pied currawongs, black and white native Australian birds, that can be quite destructive. These work at this stage is to be experimental although I always hope they are going to be a final piece. The work appears to be too dense and will need me to remove some of the birds in the next piece. This is about a metre square so scaling it up to two metres should be fine. I have yet to resolve the borders but the work can sit for a few weeks. 

I went on to another piece I had drawn up last week. I have made samples and a larger piece (60cm sq) which had not been washed out. As I began the really large piece I slowed for a moment to think about washing out the 60 cm sq piece. Probably best to see how it all washes out. The works are taken from images I made of wire fences I passed on my walks in Calgary along the Bow river, but I had been looking out for this style of wire fences for a while. The central 'hankie' piece has been made numerous times. I will bring all these together in time.