Beginning new work

I have drawn up some new work but have been a little reticent about beginning. I set up the small exhibition A Shadow of Doubt at ANU, and am packing up work to take to theBelconnen Arts Centre here in Canberra. This exhibition Here and There with Julie Ryder and Barbara Rogers is about thinking about home when you are away. Much of my work was made for the Exhibition Habitus, but it can apply to this theme. I made new work to make up for works that were sold. The exhibition opens 29 April 2016.

I also packed up work to go into an exhibition Covet 2 also to be held at the ANU. This work, Golden Lungs 6,  is part of the body of work Shadow of Doubt. I began this one one as an exploration as a response to the death of my sister from mesothelia in 2006. I wrote of this on my page In The Studio. Golden Lungs 6 also responds to the 1920s shawl my sister owned and I coveted. When I found the shawl amongst my things I saw similarities with the way I was working in my own textiles.