Returning to the studio

This year I have returned to making on a more regular basis. My paid work has been reduced to 1.5 days. In the process I signed up for an online course 'Building Creative stamina' run by Jane Dunnewold in the US. This was a great program for me to get back into my practice. It really made me think about where I was going. Some really practical advice was given. 

This was followed up by an intensive five days with Australian artist Ruth Hadlow who hails from Tasmania. She often runs these courses on the mainland. There were eight artists who gathered together on the outskirts of Canberra, at an arts community, Strathnairn. This program ended up being about writing. Using writing as a tool, much like you would use drawing. It was used to investigate thought processes. We did do some art making, but a lot of talking and writing. 

This week has been spent preparing for a small solo exhibition in the Textiles Workshop of the Australian National University's Textile Workshop. I briefly taught here earlier this year. As well am exhibiting in another exhibition, Here and There, at the Belconnen Arts centre here in Canberra. This is with two other textile artists, Julie Ryder and Barbara Rogers.