Finishing some work

I am finding that finishing work these days seems to be a longer process. Letting work hang on the walls for a longer time and really looking and being critical of the work has all changed the way I work these days. I have made a number of versions of this work and finally I have brought it together. I had work in the LoveLace exhibition at the Former Powerhouse Museum in Sydney and so visited a number of times. I still look at the catalogue. there were a number of pieces that were made out of metal. I haven't gone as far to make metal lace, although I do embroider with metal threads. But I have been looking at wire structures that are lace like. One is fencing. In this image of my sister Mary and my cousin Ruth they are walking along our front fence. One side was a bank of pink roses - so if you fell it could be pretty painful. the work I made is called Walking the Fence. I may continue with this piece but for now I am happy to put it away.